The Aura Behind Sports Stadiums

Melbourne Park (sourced from Google Images)

The makings of great games begin and end at massive arenas.  They draw tens, possibly even hundreds of thousands of people to watch balls fly, cars crash, even watch our favourite bands.

So what is it that gives some of these impressive stadiums their image?  Maybe the architecture, perhaps the field of play, or the atmosphere of flocks of screaming fans.

In any case, sports stadiums are fast becoming more stunning and aesthetically pleasing.  The stadium built for the 2012 London Olympics is one such example.  It was built with sustainability and the environment in mind.

Closer to home, AAMI Park, or ‘The Bubble Stadium’ as it is well known, was built primarily to serve Melbourne’s soccer and rugby teams.  And at first glance, it is quite impressive.

For me, being at a sporting match with possibly 80 or 90,000 screaming fans is a huge thrill.  There is an electricity that seems to bounce from person to person.  There is an enormous roar every time a player scores a goal or gets a wicket.  It makes the event that much more exciting.

Beforehand though, walking into a ground such as the MCG, with its revered reputation, is always something to enjoy.

And while it may seem to some a stadium is simply a place to watch sport, it’s much more than that.  Take the NASCAR in the United States.  People camp out the whole weekend at the stadium, set up tents, BBQ’s, camps and everything else in between.  There is a sea of colour everywhere you look.

So, my final say: the number one thing that gets me is the atmosphere.  There is nothing better in sport than going to an event where there are thousands of like-minded people, who are there to watch sport.  It’s simply fantastic.


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