Cricket: Renegade consistency top notch

Aaron Finch v Adelaide Strikers, Jan 2 2013 (photo mine)

I am simply amazed at the consistency of the Melbourne Renegades.  From the out of whack team of last season’s Big Bash League, to the in form and red hot favourites this time around, the Renegades are doing it very smartly.

The list of players doesn’t include many big names; Captain Aaron Finch and Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralidaran are the two standouts.

Without fuss, the Renegades have built up a list that is made up of players who are good cricketers that simply play well.  Ben Rohrer, Peter Nevill, and Darren Pattinson are just a few of those.

Having seen the side live at the ground or on TV, I can say that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Their play is great to watch, and their team bond is tight.

It is said “a champion team will always beat a team of champions.”  Almost the true definition of the Renegades.  In a cricket team you want to be able to perform day in, day out; the Renegades are doing just that.  They are also showing that they are a team that has come to play.

Before the first Melbourne derby against rivals the Melbourne Stars, a lot of negativity and criticism surrounding the Renegades regarding their first Big Bash League campaign surfaced on Twitter and in newspapers.  Now though, in hindsight, it seems almost laughable that there was the suggestion of the red army sinking to the depths once again.

A lot of the team does revolve around captain Finch, but the whole team has just molded as one.  A far cry from the team that included Shahid Afridi in BBL|01.

By putting together a team that produces the results on the field is exactly what the Renegades did.  Instead of trying to send the ball flying 25 rows back into the stands, it is intelligent cricket.  Chipping the ones or twos, and when the ball is in the slot, giving it a red hot crack.

The Renegades have their semi final spot cemented before tonight’s game against the Sixers.  From here, surely the only way is up with this team?

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