Australian Sport In The Dark Days

A metaphoric bomb. One way to describe the madness that has descended upon Australian sport this week.

From the AFL to the NRL, from Stephen Dank to sports science, no one really knows what’s going on. Details are revealed; evidence hasn’t been presented to back up said details.

The Australian Crime Commission (ACC) yesterday released a scathing statement directed at the ‘cheats.’  That’s all well and good, but a lot of fans are crying for blood and action to be taken.  There also seems to be little on who is the actual culprit here.

ASADA is conducting an investigation into the possibility of Essendon players taking illegal substances as well as the wider Australian professional sporting circle, but that’s going to take time. What is even more worrying is the points raised in the ACC report which stated that drugs in sport is incredibly widespread. (find the link to a summary of the report at the end of this article)

A lot of shocks have been dug up this week, both confusing and somewhat damning. The image of Australian sport, considered by many to be squealy clean, has changed in the space of a proverbial heartbeat. No matter what the Crime Commission, ASADA or any other organisation does to crack down on drugs, and even betting or tanking scandals, there’s going to be loopholes that survive or are created. The half answers and sketchy details doesn’t help the situation either.

Twitter has been a haven for fans and the like to let rip with their views and own ‘flames.’ That’s all well and good, but without facts legal ramifications will be tough if names are mentioned.

We, as both the fans, and journalists, are going to have to let the investigation run its course. The ACC gathered the information for its report over 12 months. We’ve waited this long, and the ring person needs to be weedled out. However, the longer we wait, the worse it’s going to get for the image of Australian sport.

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