Australian University Games: La Trobe University Day 4 – Volleyball, AFL and Hockey

La Trobe (right) v Griffith on Thursday at Labrador (photo mine)
La Trobe (right) v Griffith on Thursday at Labrador (photo mine)

Men’s Volleyball

La Trobe dft by University of New South Wales 1-3

La Trobe dft by Bond University 1-3

To play volleyball you need agility, quick arms and sharp eyes.  Pace is the name of the game, and at Bond University on Thursday morning, La Trobe took on the University of New South Wales.

A first set scoreline of 23-25 wasn’t indicative of the firepower La Trobe brought; changes of serve came thick and fast, and the boys bounced back to win the second set.

It came down to some clever blocking tactics and aggressive serving.  Unfortunately UNSW took charge of the rest of the game, and were ultimately too strong.

Same result against Bond University, going down three sets to one.


La Trobe dftd Griffith University 48-39

La Trobe dftd University of Queensland 39-17

Colour clashes weren’t the only thing that made the clash with Griffith University an entertaining fixture.  Both teams looked fatigued from the get go, making it all the more harder to score.

Looking to find long targets, La Trobe roosted some long kicks, and connected, in the hope of finding a goal.  The first two attempts missed before the third torpedo found the middle of the big sticks.  There was plenty of laughs had on the La Trobe bench, thoroughly enjoying the spectacle.

Rather than tear the field up with blistering speed, light jogging seemed to be the order of the day.  Players decided a leisurely stroll, approaching an opposition player then ducking away, was huge fun.

Women’s hockey

La Trobe dftd University of South Australia 2-0

La Trobe drew with Bond University 0-0

La Trobed dftd University of Technology Sydney 3-2

Hockey got off to a flier at 8.00 on Thursday morning, and the girls took out the University of South Australia 2-0.  After a long layoff before their afternoon game, a mentally recharged squad took on Bond University.  A couple of squandered opportunities allowed Bond to counterattack, but a strong defence with backbone Tess Torr withstood the challenges.

Two narrow chances in the second half had the girls pumping, but it just wasn’t to be.  However, the late game against UTS proved to be much more successful.  Within minutes Claire Hawson found a break on the wing and slammed it into the backboard.  One zip to La Trobe.

Hawson and Nicola Clutton went on to have starring roles in the match, Clutton pegging home two goals while roving the stoppages and rebounds.

As always Katie Moloney blew through numerous opponents, setting up the two crucial goals.  It’s been a fantastic run for the hockey girls.


-Simone, Daniel, Ned, Josh, Whitney all ran the 5000m final – hot conditions at the QSAC in Brisbane

-8th place in the long jump for Tahnee

-We are all exhausted but have had a great few days despite the heat.  Everyone did extremely well against tough opposition and we are ready for next year already (Simone McInnes)

Day 5, and the last day, is tomorrow. Tenpin bowling, lawn bowls, AFL and the mixed beach volleyball squads are all going for gold.


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