Beyond Realisation in 2014: What you will see

Melbourne's sporting precinct, November 2013 (photo mine)
Melbourne‘s sporting precinct, November 2013 (photo mine)

Every year, sport evolves, and so does the coverage.

Athletes are subjected even more to the tiniest little misdoings or events they attend – there is no hiding from the media.  In turn, the intrusion can sometimes be too much.

In 2014, expect much more of the same.  To find out the nitty gritty – as some would put it – the lengths some go to borderlines on the extreme, even breaching ethics.

Here at Beyond Realisation, I am aiming to show you what can be done through hard work, persistence, and respect.  Recently, the piece I researched and wrote about The Cricket Show during the Boxing Day Test justified that the three above mentioned characteristics are a key part of writing and journalism.

This year, there will be more Women’s Cricket features, previews and possibly interviews.  There is a whole world that still has not been fully explored in ice hockey; and of course, who can forget the AFL season, just around the corner?

One Christmas present I received was a Sigma 150-500mm “super lens”.  As an aspiring photographer, on top of my journalism work, I will be using this equipment to greatly benefit my profile and assist those I do jobs for.

Beyond Realisation is about pulling away the surface, and seeing some of the things we don’t really notice sometimes.  There is a lot of fringe sport out there, or unknown athletes.  It will be bigger, better, with more detail and more excitement.

Living in Melbourne has its benefits when it comes to sport; lots of teams, lots of divisions, and most importantly, lots of access.  Revamping stadiums for the modern times is becoming the norm, and some of them look stunning – especially AAMI Park.

Around the world, sport is considered a global language.  This is what, over the ensuing 12 months, that I hope to convey.  By doing more than simple previews – research is key.

Happy Sporting 2014, everyone.

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