Southern University Games: Day 2: Tossing balls and Frisbees with Netball, Touch, Tennis and Ultimate

In close, La Trobe & Melbourne University (photo: Davis Harrigan)
In close, La Trobe & Melbourne University (photo: Davis Harrigan)

Once again, the city of Wodonga greeted competitors with a slight chill, but no sign of rain.

With all sports beginning to hit the peak stage of their respective divisions, securing as many wins as possible became crucial in the race for a top spot.

Kicking off the day at Kelly Park were the La Trobe women’s netball team, taking on Melbourne University for the first match of the day.  The 46-23 final scoreline (with the Eagles victorious) demonstrated just how hard and effective the La Trobe players were in their ball handling skills.

The Deakin University number one team showed why they are considered one of the contenders this year, putting Flinders University away 50 points to 25.  With the outside courts, keeping a sure footing also meant a dominant game.  At 10.00, the University of South Australia (UniSA) made the Deakin number two team fight till the very end, going down 28-29.

Heading over to the touch football fields, and the Auckland University of Technology (AUTNZ) have not dropped a game, with both sides snaring five victories each up until the end of day two.

Sitting on the sidelines, the game is fast, nimble and extremely strategic.  Every time a player is touched, they will drop it behind them for another player to pick up, and must take it to the end zone.

RMIT University have had some huge success on the first two days as well, going down 14-1 to AUTNZ in their only loss.

Tennis is being run as a singles competition at SUG 2014, and Stacey Pointon is absolutely flying, with six wins from six matches.

The matches are not run by sets, but whoever gets to eight games first advances further along to the finals.  Elly Fourlis is also making waves, keeping her undefeated record intact.

Over at Willow Park, and the ultimate Frisbee competition was hitting a very high standard with some incredibly tight games.  Deakin and Federation University 2 played out an exhilarating 10-9 match in the second round of games for Tuesday.

Not wanting to be outdone, the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) played out another 10-9 game in favour of the interstate squad.

La Trobe University, who are rapidly injecting experience and game time into the new crop of players, had Federation University questioning the next move or big huck down the field.  The final 12-9 score card was perhaps not testament to the work La Trobe did to tire out the Federation zone.  Adrian Lim was spectacular with aerial leaps, and the spirit the game was played in was nothing short of spectacular.

Heading out to Albury tomorrow, where the hockey and volleyball are being played, and then it’s the afternoon session for the cheerleading competition.


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