Beyond Realisation is turning two, and still going

Hannah Willmott (LTU) & her RMIT opponent at SUG 2014 (photo: Davis Harrigan)
Hannah Willmott (LTU) & her RMIT opponent at SUG 2014 (photo: Davis Harrigan)

At the end of August, Beyond Realisation hits its second birthday.

It does not feel like two years since I began writing on this blog, focusing on issues and discussions beyond the general reviews and previews.  On top of that, 20,500 views might not seem like a lot either, but it’s the culmination of hard work and passion.

Perhaps the best thing to come out of this is the opportunities that have been presented to me; writing for the Sydney Thunder, the International Cricket Council, and Australian University Sport, just to name a few.

My biggest achievement, and perhaps piece that reached the most viewers, was regarding The Cricket Show segment with Elyse Perry and Meg Lanning during the 2013 Boxing Day Test against England.  It was a perfect promotional opportunity bungled by messrs Slater and Vaughan, and received attention from the likes of Gideon Haigh.

Writing – whether it be sport, science, politics – is perhaps the greatest way of expressing emotions or thoughts; pictures come in a close second and only add to the effect.  To be able to combine both types of “storytelling” is why I keep going, adding an extra dimension to the things I write.

This year, the Eastern Football League has been my domain, but it also highlights another very important aspect of my blog; local sport.  It is sometimes missed with the flurry of mainstream AFL, NRL and cricket, as the prime examples.  Granted, there are stories about the big name clubs visiting grassroots and metropolitan teams, but that is not the entire circle.

It took me about 3 months to get the final (and current) design right, thanks to one of my lecturers at La Trobe University, who suggested that dark colour writing on a light background was better than the opposite.  I have since added a whole host of widgets, backgrounds and pages to keep the blog up to date and fresh.

Women’s sport has been a big focus in the Australian media during the last 12 months, and has also been another “unique” avenue for me.  Despite the efforts to grow women’s sport at a state and national level, there are barriers – or people – that halt that growth (for example, Michael Slater and Michael Vaughan in The Cricket Show segment).

These are the issues I have wanted to explore.  They have a certain significance that impacts not just those involved in the immediate matter, but in the wider sport community as well.

Social media has also had a big impact when it comes to sharing stories and discussion.  Two years ago, I had only imagined the concept of running my own blog/website, and had no idea how far Beyond Realisation (first called AllJournalism) would go.

Two years on and still going strong.  With the Cricket World Cup only six months away, the Australian University Games hitting Sydney next month, and some huge global sporting battles starting soon, there is plenty to cover.

Thanks for supporting Beyond Realisation as it celebrates its second birthday.


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