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Welcome to Davis Harrigan Photography.

My passion started in high school (2008), when I nearly aced a Sports Photography project as part of a “Personal Best” assignment.  A few months before, I was taking pictures of the Eureka Tower with a shocking point and shoot of the time.  How things have changed. And how things have continued to develop and grow.

Some of my accolades/opportunities/workplaces have been as follows, where I’ve either been a dedicated photographer or photojournalist, producing high-quality and enjoyable pictures.  I have discovered that my passion and understanding of photography took off after a while, and it was worth pursuing.

Eastern Football Netball League (EFNL) – since 2014

International Military Sports Council (CISM) – October 2019, World Military Games, Wuhan, China

International University Sports Federation (FISU) – June/July 2015, World University Games/Summer Universiade, Gwangju, Sth Korea

The Border Mail, Albury/Wodonga

AFL Victoria, Infinity Cricket, Sydney Thunder

Over the course of several years, I’ve built a very decent arsenal of equipment and knowledge – especially in the sports and rock music department.  I am a Canon man, and have done things from:

I have also shots photos with HEAVY Magazine occasionally, writing and/or photographing gigs in Melbourne.


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