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AFL: NAB Cup Grand Final Preview

Brisbane Lions logo
Brisbane Lions logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It may only be the NAB Cup Grand Final, but much of the hype this week has not been about the game itself; but rather where the game will be played.

Brisbane Lions and Carlton face off on Friday at Etihad Stadium, but even an unbeaten campaign from the Lions (who should be the rightful hosts) stills them travel in the pre-season, despite furious protestations from Michael Voss over the location.

A stunning run of form from the Lions has showcased its next brigade of players to the AFL community.  The likes of young Aaron Cornelius, Patrick Karnezis and Elliot Yeo have stormed out of the blocks, while veterans and experienced players including Dayne Zorko, Jed Adcock and Daniel Merrett have really begun to hit the highs Lions fans saw at the end of last season. Continue reading AFL: NAB Cup Grand Final Preview